Jun 12, 2009

June, 11th 2009

Hey dear,
Holiday is in the air......................yeay!
But I feel like "eh? holiday? i can't believe it!"
Nothing special on this holiday, argh!
I want to try something new and fun, any idea?
How about your life?
Me? yeah so..........
I'm not feeling so well about myself today. I've got my headache, I've been taking a nap 4 hours but it doesnt help
So i decided to write blog,
I already asked my friends and read where they're going to and do in this holiday, It's sounds fun and i'm so glad : )

Here these things what i wanna do, i'm gonna make it by list :

1. Organize my ipod album, song, update and download song. Tidy up my iTunes, and well yeah thanks God my brother is coming on June 23rd. He's such a music freak, he knows the latest song and he usually download it. And of course i wanna have it too ;p

2. Having new haircut, but i dont wanna have the extreme one.

3. I need to get tons of new clothes to fill my wardrobe. Yeah! but i think impossible, eh? oh maybe i should tidy my wardrobe up to get "the new one"

4. Swimming in waterboom. I'm searching for the different one

5. Pray, pray, pray! yes, the most important! Because, when i'm having holiday like this i'm forget about it hehe so sorry God. I promise!

6. Going to bookstore, searching for "third grade things".

7. Going to UI, my mom told me for having psychology test.

8. Planning to get driving course, and i should get my drive license because i'm 17 now. Wish me luck

9. Going to Padang and then Sikuai Island. Yeah i wish! tapi ini semua tergantung kakak gue maunya pergi apa ga kata mama ah elah sialnya kakak gue ini orangnya moody. Kalau liburan gue ini menyenangkan berati kakak gue moodnya lagi bagus. I wish you have, kak!

10. I should save my money! Money money oh i need you money, where are you?

11. Going to Dufan, yes yes i wish. I'm craving for this!

12. Karaoke, sing a song la-la-la

13-dst, lagi dipikirin.........................

I hope everybody is having a great holiday :)))))))


Amira said...

kalo udah bisa nyetir,setirin gue dong doonggg hahaha

Nadya said...

hahaha okedeh, wish me luck lah : D