Dec 20, 2009

* Intellect: Realist
* Skills: Listener
* Emotions: Instructor
* Dynamism: Grafter

Your Core Skills

You are an extremely sensitive and compassionate person with a great deal of empathy. A natural team-player you have a high level of emotional intelligence. You thrive when you are able to facilitate group working situations. You are down-to-earth and rarely take work problems home with you.

Potential Areas Of Weakness

You are a great listener but sometimes seem to lack the confidence to express yourself fully and as a result could sometimes end up feeling disenfranchised at work. You may not always find it easy to tap into the passion that will make a difference between a project being good and excellent.

Areas You Might Want To Work On

* take on more intellectual challenges
* work on having more confidence in your ambitions and your potential
* focus on developing your communications skills - practice by writing down your thoughts and ideas cogently before expressing them

Careers That May Suit You

child care worker teacher sales assistant therapist nurse systems analyst teacher

Your Detailed Personality Assessment

You are an excellent team-player but can lose touch with your own needs. It's important that you take the time to listen to yourself as well as to those around you. Make a conscious effort to regularly tune into your personal life goals and how you are going to achieve these. Use your diplomacy and intuition to your own advantage to move your career forward in positive ways. You enjoy a challenge and always rise to the occasion so make sure that your attitude stays fresh so that you are exhilarated in everything that you do.

When it comes to leadership, you have strong ideas and aren't afraid to say what you think. But sometimes you may come across as a little over-opinionated and you could do well to consider alternative approaches to bring out the best in those team members who may respond better to a 'softly-softly' technique.

You have a good appreciation of how working with others can help you to grow. Your self-development is enhanced by recognising the value and learnings that effective team-work can bring.

As far as you're concerned, hard work is the best way to achieve your goals. Short cuts to success are just a false economy. You tend to be quite traditional in your perspective and like to have a clear sense of your career milestones. You believe that effort should be rewarded and that if you put in the hours you'll reap the benefits. However that doesn't mean you always follow your own wisdom. It can be hard to maintain intense levels of focus all the time.

Life probably feels quite inspiring to you right now. You're firing on all cylinders and up for any challenge that comes your way. It's a great way to be…as long as you don't burn out too fast. It's not surprising that you're feeling upbeat. You seem to be getting a lot of satisfaction from your work. And this good feeling pervades the rest of your life.

The way you approach each day can have huge implications for your success in the workplace. Whatever you're doing, just keep doing it. It's positive mental attitude all the way for you. You seem to be full of beans and have plenty of energy to put into pursuing your goals.

The Future

You may still be a student but you're smart to be thinking ahead and checking out your career options. You're about to embark on a really exciting time in your life - and there's going to be lots of decisions to make that will shape your future. You definitely seem to know the meaning of positive mental attitude. You're full of enthusiasm for the challenges ahead and ready to be surprised and inspired.

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