Dec 18, 2008


Do you ever wish anything? I believe that every people always wish anything that they want. Who doesn’t? unlucky you!

Oke here is my wishlist, I wish I could have them all. Impossible is nothing, right? Hahaha

  1. iPod Nano Chromatic, actually I have iPod Nano without Chromatic, I want this one ‘cause brand new has my favourite colour, pink

  1. Nikon D90, I’m dying for Nikon D90, daddy please gimme one. I love all features in, this camera and it has fisheye effect

  1. Macbook, You know that I have (not) own laptop but my mom always borrow thateveryday to doing homework from her college. I want the real one, I mean one and only for me like my brother has.

  1. Blackberry, I just wanna have fun with this stuff, lol. My handphone is butut you know, Suka ngehang kalau lagi buka eBuddy -_-

  1. Goodscore for all exams, YEAAAAAH, for get this one. I must through ups, downs, smile and tears , fly to the sky and fall hard to the hell

dream comes true...............................................AMIN


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wakakakaka iya gua dapetnya yang 104 nih