Mar 21, 2009

All I Want is You

The best brother ever, yesterday...........
I became your sister and you became my brother (not sibling, not a real)
I could share anything with him.
I could get some spirit to go to school
I love the jokes just the way he is.
He was there to talk with happiness and with smiles.
We all take different paths in life, We are not all the same, but no matter where we go
We take a little of each other everywhere.
Just as he is, as unique.

Over the course of the average lifetime he meet a lot of people
Some things may seem to be the same, but he isn't
Oh maybe, we're so far away
I really miss you a lot

And now,
We meet almost everyday
And when he's in front of my eyes or around
I always shout in my mind "NAD ITU DIA UDAH DIDEPAN MATA, katanya kangen udah lama ga ketemu"
I dont know why.............
He become that i didn't know him before
He just talk to me when he want to
People grow, people change
I let him go,
Someday he'll know, yes for sure :')

Life unfolds in unexpected ways, never thought that things will be the same.

Nothing In My Way
Nothing In My Way - by Nut-yeah on


Ferinda said...

same story as mine ;)

Nadya said...

Wah, iya Rin? menyedihkan emang ya :(