Mar 20, 2009

Birthday Boy

Meet me again, yes for sure hm.
This friday, feel so relax and lazy.
Hey happy birthday sweet seventeen, Erwin my chairmate!
Best wishes for you, thanks for always teaching me if i don't know the lesson especially Math and English.

Thanks for treating me, so the story here it goes...........
After school, i and Erwin Mitha Ninis Ichi went to Pizza Hut smabels and then we waited another to come. Meli (his gf) and Marsha made surprise for him, they went to Cheese Cake Factory to buy Blueberry Cheesecake. Yummy, delicious <3
Oh so, Erwin got bored by his expression haha. Sorry, for this one. I didnt mind, this is fake ;p
30 minutes left, then Meli and Marsha came bring cake for him. Meli had stand with the cake. And happy birthdayyyyy! we sang the song together with them and Dhika Mirsa.
After all those surprise, we took pizza together. Thank You Erwin and Meli <3

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