Mar 20, 2009

Party Shuffle

i took this one from Prambors Top 40, so here are my favorite songs of the month i guess

You can hear it from The Underground Trash :

- Chin Up by Copeland, kinda mellow and makes me hm feel like i wanna sleep.
"Back to where we started, Losing who we were"

- The Show by Lenka, love this song reallyyyyyyy!
"I'm just a little girl lost in the moment, I'm a fool, out of love"
oh this is me

- Love Story by Tailor Swift,
"romeo take me somewhere we can be alone, romeo save me, you’ll be the prince and i’ll be the princess"
i wish.............

- Desolation Row by My Chemical Romance,
"Where the heart-attack machine?"
Am i getting all rock? because MCR rocks!

- I Will Be by Leona Lewis
"And if I let you down, I'll turn it all around cause I would never let you go"
Makes me feel sad when i hear this song :'(

- T-Shirt by Shontelle
"Hey, gotta be strong gotta be strong but i'm, really hurting now that you're gone"
How can we know what love is if we've never been hurt even once?

- Never ever by Ciara ft Young Jeezy
Nice song, i love this one. Easy listening, keep up my spirit.
"Never ever have I ever felt so low, when you gonna take me out of this black hole?"
The amount of sadness and happiness will never be the same

- So Close, So Far by Hoobastank
"So close......... so far it's tearing me apart"
You'd better to die

- Walking on Air by Kerli Koiv
It's all about creepy, crap!

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