Apr 7, 2009

Alright, still

So todayyyyyyy
I didnt go to school, actually i went to school this morning but late because i got stuck in Jagorawi and today i still caught flu.
What am i doing? Just taking rest (again and again hell yeah)
I'm having hard time at home lately, because leaving school for a moment
I got bored easily. Polyvore doesnt help, so does facebook
My day is quite boring.
But, luckily my daddy left his office quickly for taking care of me and he brought cupcakes and some food <3
Oh i love you daddy :)))))
I'll tell you disgusting thing happened to me last night
Well, there was a stranger phoned me then he said "Ini Nadya bukan? aku fans berat kamu" Goshhhhhhh, i always hate this part. Disgusting, right?

Oh my, where's my yellow map? It consists English paper. I'm trying to find in somewhere but unlucky me i couldnt find it. Forgetful, yes i'm

I gotta go, take a rest for making me feel better


cupcake always catch my attention
cupcake always catch my attention by Nut-yeah on Polyvore.com

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