Apr 3, 2009

Feel Free To Feel Lost

Hey cupcakes :3
How're you sweetie? me fine as usual :)
I don't know what to write, because I haven't write much lately well just i dont have enough time to turn off the computer and write blog in weekdays
And this week goes by as it used to goes by
Ummmm, Where should I start?

Okay from Monday, March 30th April 2009
I phoned my brother just because me, my mom and dad miss his voice so much! My brother is fine and i'm so glad to hear it. His voice more friendlyyyy than before i dont know why. Oh June 23rd i cant wait to meet my brother and we're going travelling to somewhere :)
Well, I just knew good news from my school that canteen dont want to use styrofoam for meals. Okay i love this one anyway, from it we can save our earth

Tuesday, March 31st April 2009
Happy Birthday to Anindita Rahmadhanisa and her boyfriend, Rangga! Oh you guys are so sweet, same birthday and they celebrated their anniversary. Best wishes for you, Congrats to Dytta and Rangga :) Last tuesday i went to Galan to meet them and Nitta for a moment, me miss them so much!

Wednesday, March 1st April 2009
Welcome April, i really love this month i dont know why hmmm maybe in this month i'll get free day for 6 days if i'm not mistaken.
How about your April Fools Day? I did silly things to some of my friends. Well sorry from the deepest of my heart =D and i'd like to say happy birthday to Nabila Putri Abdila <3 Hey i'll tell you silly thing that made by Juni and some of my friend who know this one, well i had geography class and my teacher (Mr.Wangsa) explained about the subject, and then when he wanted to open the report from class blablabla (by computer and LCD). Some of my friends reflexed to see me and said "cie Nadya" and Juni screamed "cie Nadya emang **s** udah ganteng, pinter, tajir lagi" hahahaha I was laughing my ass out and my teacher was laughing. Now, my class knowing it. Well, i never tell that actually. I just admire him hahahahaha.

Thursday, 2nd April 2009 I was talking to my self and seeing my own face at the mirror, silly? yes for sure. Talking about what? Being patient to wait for the right time. I swear it's so hard to do it, I hate this one for God sake. But it could be the best decision ever made in my life, couldnt it? Oh time machine, bring me to my future pleaseeeeeee : (

Friday , 3rd April 2009 Thank God It's Friday! I love Friday. Hey my new chairmate : Binar! Bye-bye Erwin. Tomorrow is weekend. But tomorrow i'll attend BBM 8 (Bazar Budaya Murid 8) and ASC (Art School Clinic). My class = Solo, and going to sell Sour Solo (plesetan Sour Sally), Selat Solo and many more. And our motto is "Yg penting surplus"
Please come :3
For ASC there'll be Barry Likumahuwa and Jonas Wang (if i'm not mistaken) and other performances, cant wait :D

I feel amazed! I really enjoy things on this week, I'm happy, but in the other side, there's something make me sad : (
Okay, how about your day? Tell me



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