May 1, 2009

How have you been?

Hello readers,
My beloved readers and friendlist. How have you been?
It's raining so hard outside and tomorrow is weekend so i would like to write blog feels like miss writing now.
There is no studying and no assignments, hell yeah free time for a moment makes me happier
This is my busy & hard week, school assignments and some exams or my school called it test formatif has just done. Waiting for another, next week!
I can get along my days and face it, thanks for always helping and cheering me up, friends!
From my previous post (you can see it) i felt down. But now, i'm fine.
Okay, I made twitter so please follow me if you want to and check 'em out. I really appreciate if you do :))))))
I did crazy thing on wednesday,

Let me explain it :
written by Voni
(Nadya-1/3rong/the the mid)
written by Kak Dora
(kutunggu jandamu) lol.
And thanks to Voni for the rainbow,

Hm what else? I couldn't even remember the details of my story

Oh yes, i do hate my provider im3 ARGH error. Ohmagewwwwwwd, so uncool -_-
Last tuesday i did cooking............egg! hahahaha and it was delicious i think lol

Hello May, fifth month of the year, a month left 'til my birthday. I do love my birthday BUT i dont wanna grow up, i dont wanna be an adult, sounds weird huh? Give me time machine pleaseeeeeeee and bring me back to my childhood. If i could turn back the time.............
Not that i hate high school life, I think being child is the greatest moment of my life.
AND i wanna have a little brother, about 2-3 years old. errr, I'm dying for this one for accompany me here alone in home without my older brother beside me :'(
but i think its impossible lol
OMFG!!!!!!!!! I just remembering May 28th = semester exams, i dont have any preparation.

So much to do, so little time aaaaaaaaaaaaargh i dont wanna face it BUT I should!
Studying and studying, so freaking tired! Do the best, and God will give the best. Amen!
Yesterday I made a terrible mistake, again and again. It was awful, and i know! in the end it will teach me to be thankful of what I have and what I am. Oh God, please help me...............
Tomorrow, my mom will go to school to meet my teacher. Check out my awful midterm test score and blablabla, and i think my mom will angry to me. Sorry, I've always been a very bad daughter. How to face it? It will say different things on my mind, trying to be nice isn't helping. Errrrr
Okay, i really should go. I'm having a project and i'll do it as soon as possible
I will update this blog if I want to.

Listening to : The Changcuters - Main Serong, lol.
Today's quote : from ZEROOOOOOOOOOOOOO to HERO, I hate zero!!!!!

See you when i see you,


Amira said...

cooool tuh yg coretan di tangan hahaha emangnye ga diliat guru apa?

Serra Annisa said...

nad, im3 gue juga erroooooor, grr :|

Nadya said...

Amira : ga doooooong kan gue tutupin :p

Nadya said...

Serra : iya nih Ser, gue udah lama banget errornya -_-