May 15, 2009

Relax & Take a Sit.

I miss writing blog now, my last post was about my feelings to someone la-la-la.
Now, i dont care about it. Just relax & take a sit.
So, for 3 days (monday, tuesday, wednesday) I was having free days because 12th graders. But, I didn't feel much happiness when holiday's come just like what I used to have

O-kay, i'm gonna make a list :

Saturday :
Went to my cousin house
Had lunch at d'cost Kemang

Sunday :
Went to Luna's Apartement, to take scene for cinematography (i've already posted photos)
Went to Supermarket with my mom

Monday :
Accompanied my cousin to sency and bought Sour Sally, yummy
Had lunch at Poke Sushi

Tuesday :
Relaxed at home, did my project
Went to EF

Wednesday :
Went to Mody's house to practise our drama musical
Went to Heyfolks

On thursday, school (read : guru pd gabut) and after school went to Eja's house to practised our drama (again) and went to EF, late for 30 hours and still wore my batik la-la-la. What a tirrrrrrred day!
And now, my plain friday. Nothing special at all, i feel really tired. I need hairspa & massage!

Boring, huh?
Yes, my life was quite boring

Oh my, days are going by! I couldn't follow it directly. I just do nothing and dont know what to do : (

I have no inspiration to write, O-kay I'll share my stories and photos again later.

P.S : get well soon my Mommy, goodluck Icha and friends for OSN, goodluck my Daddy for the test

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