Jun 16, 2009

DVD Marathons

Have you watched these movies on dvd yet?
Yes, I have, spend my boring holiday -_-


Ferinda said...
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Ferinda said...

I haven't seen The Bedtime Stories and City of Ember naaad ehehehe

chi said...

yang belom cuma toy story nad..hehe..

wah,gw juga tiap hari kerjaannya dvd marathon mulu nad di rumah..sampe2 udah keabisan stok dvd bagus nih hix

Nadya said...

Erin : ayo Rin nonton buat ngisi waktu luang :D

Chita : hehehe iya sama nih, gue juga keabisan ide mau nonton apalagi


i've seen all except for narnia (i don't like epic movies), twilight (i've no idea why i haven't watched it yet), city of ember (never heard of it) and superman (simply because i don't like superhero movies).

have you watched the reader yet?



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Nadya said...

hahaha it's okay
oh different with me yeah,
the reader? never heard about it. lol, but i'm gonna watch it soon.