Jul 12, 2009


Today is my last day of holiday, Absolutely I'll be missing my holiday. I HEART MY HOLIDAY!
I dont want to school, ah if i could turn back time. :[
Well, it means tomorrow officially a 12th grade student. Cool? No! I'm not ready yet, I need spirit! But i'll face it by myself. Wish me and 8 2010 luck, peeps!
By the way, hello social my classmates! meet me again hahaha. 2 years together :]
Oh ya, sorry about the lack of updates recently. I'll be back for sure, ttyl! Heart yoooooooooou~



awh~ don't worry, i'm sure it's not that bad. my holiday's over too.

Nadya said...

yeeeeeeeees we're same. i need more holiday, but its impossible. lol