Oct 17, 2009

Life's Highs

Okay, these are 70 Life's Highs written by me

1. With my big family :''''')
2. Get into best university
3. Being Psychologist/Consultant, hope the best!
4. Get the best score for every subject in my school
5. Getting married with a man with his job : doctor
6. Knowing someone loves me back
7. Laughing out loud with my beloved
8. Falling in love and and knowing that one day i’ll be with that person
9. Meeting cute babies out there
10. Taking a photograph
11. Dancing your heart out
12. Helping someone out
13. Playing & Watching fireworks
14. Late night phone calls/chatting
15. Thinking about the future
16. Sleeping in
17. Walking on the beach
18. Watching a breath taking sunset
19. Vacation with my family
20. Going to somewhere with my brother
21. Finding $1000 on the ground
22. Good hair days
23. Birthdays
24. Idul Fitri & New Year
25. Waking up on a perfect day with the sun in my face
26. Lying on the grass starring into the sky
27. Playing with my blackberry
28. Star gazing
29. Shopping 'til drop
30. Dancing to music in your room
31. Meeting a new friend
32. Trip to Europe
33. Celebrating special occasions
34. Listening to my favorite songs and singing out loud
35. Screaming AAAAAAA it helps me a lot
36. Doing my routinity
37. Watching the sun come up
38. Seeing my favorite singer & actor then take a photo with her/him
39. Weekends
40. Holidays
41. Hair Spa & Manicure Padicure
42. Road trips
43.Smiling for no reason
44.Eating junk food
45.Walking through a park
46.Watching my favorite TV show
47. Rainy Days
48. Receiving presents
49. Living for today & learning from yesterday
50. Feeling wanted
51. Jokes
52. Hugs
53. Kisses
54. Knowing someone misses you
55. Knowing someone is thinking of you
56. Looking back on the laughs
57. Air conditioning when it's hot
58. Being full of energy
59. Watching someone do something stupid, and them thinking no one saw
60. Turning on the radio to hear that my favourite song is being played
61. Running into an old friend
62. Reading a good magazine
63. Turning up my stereo as loud as it will go
64. Achieving a long time goal
65. Singing to a song in the car
66.Going to amusement parks
67.Talking for hours to my best friend
68. Realizing how good life is
69. Swimming

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