Jan 23, 2009

I'm tired

I wanna share a story about my lovelife, i used to write this posting with English language. if i'm wrong, correct me folks!

Have you ever been hurt? i'm having that feeling right now

time is too slow for those who wait, yeah waiting for nothing..........
i called it love leaves me pain
having crush on someone i like, but he doesn't know my feeling inside.
when I see his smile and i know that is not for me
when my tears i used to cry, he can't take those tears and he can't give me a shoulder to cry on.
he doesn't know me, he doesnt't me at all.

If I hadn't met him, I wouldn't like him. If I hadn't liked him, I wouldn't love him
He build me up, he make my heart beats so fast when he around me. he makes me smile and laugh. he always successful to cheer me up when the day i meet him at school. i can't take my eyes off when he around me
but he drop me again. i can't stop thinking about him. he don't know what i feel inside

i never wants him to have a relationship with the girl out there, selfish? yeah maybe. but my mind always shout that HE 'S NOT MINE
he makes me ups and downs
why I keep on loving him? he doesn't feel the same way with me
loving him that doesn't love me is like reaching for a star in the sky. i know, i'll never reach it

I'm sorry i give up on you.
but it hurts to see you walk away...............
i'm learning to let he go

from now on, i think having a crush on him only just for fun. I'm tired of this kinda feeling. hope he will know someday :')


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