Feb 21, 2009

going, going I’m gone away

iya itu title buat posting ini, sound weird huh?
do you ever feel like your world is crashing down around you?
entah mengapa kok gue ngerasa hampa banget ya akhir-akhir ini. I just feel like this the past couple of days until now on, nothing special happen to me, begitu terus tiap hari malah gue sempet berpikir kalau tanpa gue di dunia ini, semuanya akan berjalan baik bukan? semuanya akan berjalan lancer bukan? gue di dunia ini juga buat apa.

kalau gue ga ada di dunia ini, orang tua gue ga akan susah-susah ngeluarin uang buat gue yg buat mereka terus capek kerja,
kalau gue ga ada di dunia ini, temen-temen gue juga bisa nyari temen yg lebih baik dari gue
kalau gue ga ada di dunia ini, orang-orang juga ga akan mencari gue dimana adanya. mereka ga akan peduli

see? kayaknya juga gue hidup cuman buat susah orang, buat rugi orang, buat ngerepotin orang. It’s time I learned to fall. I’m sorry for the mistake I’ve ever done, people ;(

p.s : I’m too sensitive nowadays it’s because my pms. I get mad really easy, I get bored really easy, i get sensitive really easy. I feel like everyone don’t care about me,
geez, I hate this part ;(
yeah, I know the only person who can truly fix is me but………
I just have to let this wave ride itself out will soon end itself. just let it run. But I can’t take it any longer, It’s hard to take a deep breath to figure out of this. I’m tireeeeeeeed!

Someone, help me ;(((((((



Nadhira said...

Kak Nadyaku,
it's always feel different, when there's someone who always beside you when you need them, is gone.
Itu terjadi sama aku kalo kakak ga ada :')

Much love,

Nadya said...

wah, Nadhira thankyou :') now i know
how happy i'm if there is someone who need me. i'll survive. love you Nadhira cupcakes <3