Mar 18, 2009

Get Ready, Get Set, Go Away!

I already got different blog
I've been changing my blog name, my banner, my music player, my layouts, and so on.
Why i changed my blog name? because i'm bored with the old one, even i love it anyway.
Why i changed my blog name into "Get Ready, Get Set, Go Away!"? Nothing happens, just make it for the reason i'm just beginner. A beginner who looking for the victory right there. Life is so long, but i'm just nothing. I'm a trash who want to searching a better part. A peaceful world is what people hope for, so-am-i-hoping-for. I have to find something that makes me excited. And let's begin this world, let's face it even it's so hard for me. Get Ready, Get Set, Go Away! i must be number one, Hell yeah!
gtg, i should study for my last mid-term test tomorrow. history and religion, wish me luck <3

Hope you're having a better day than I am : )


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