Mar 18, 2009

Mid-term exams

Goodbye "Snapshot of Serenity" and goodbye "It's Matter of Fact"

Oh Gosh, i dont wanna wake before the test is over. hm, i'm not studying well for my last day. why oh why? idk..................

It had been hard weeks
How was my midt-term exams yesterday?
Okay, started at 10th of March until today. eugh it's take long time exams. My school always, doesn't it?
i'm pretty bored here, need some refreshing :'(

Okay so the subjects at the first day was Cityzenship or we called it PKn and TIK. PKn, it was sucks
I've got 62, oh poor me! I hate this subject, blablabla whatever. There are about 30 students in my class who got remedial, so am i. and TIK, i did my best. please God gimme the best one too

The second day was English and Sports studies, i'm Indonesian why i should take an English exam? Sport always sucks! i hate it, actually i didnt study sport hm. Hope there'll be a miracle come to me

The third day was Geography and Deutsch, OMG Geography have some essay. I didnt do well, geez.
Dear Adery's mom. Why you put some essay on Geography exams? And Deutsch oh damn, these subjects really kills me. It was pretty hard, Hey Frau Wuri, Got a Broken Heart? hahaha

The fourth day was Mr. Razik's lesson. I got mad easily when i did this exam, I cheats just a little bit haha

The fifth day was Sosiology, it was the most hardest day ever just because sosiology was pretty difficult

The sixth day was Math, oh my Function always makes me going crazy. Sorry, i'm giving up on you Math as always. Remedial waiting for me..........

The seventh day was Economy and Indonesian, it was fun! I did my best especially on Economy, I still can going pretty well with this subjects

The last day is religion and history, I sucks at both studies. Hope the best

Today, i'm going to take economy's selection for osn. eugh!

My life was that boring! time to go, i should continue study history, bye!

Happy Thursday,



amira said...

gila,masa pas gue lagi nyari gambar buat dijadiin header,trus gue ke blog lo...ternyata lo ganti header juga! shock abeeeeeeees hoekekekek swt

Nadya said...

wah anyeng kok bisa sama sih cuy padahal ga janjian yakan. anyeng gua serius gatau, lg mood ganti eh elu juga hahahahahasu

lina said...

wess ikut osn eko nad?

Nadya said...

engga, gue ikut study clubnya aja Lin