Mar 27, 2009

Keeps Getting Better

Yesterday, i went to Monas and Senayan in the morning. Well, i just want to be free and to find something that makes me excited because i got bored easily by staying at home. I went there with mom and dad, we parked our car and then went to Monas by delman. It was fun, i love it anyway. Hmmm then, i took some pictures there. Wanna see?

Okey that's all. And you know what? I'm still sick but i want to be free!
How about today? It's hardest day ever. I did my mathematics' remedial. The remedial wasn't easy. ALWAYS AND ALWAYS GIVING UP ON YOU, MATH!!!!!!
I just simply don't understand so well, if i practise at home by myself i can do it well. school, always stuck!
I dont hate the teacher. My math teacher is MY LIFE SUPPORT although she's always criticize by her way. She always telling us :
"belajar adalah proses" She always keeping up my spirit, thank you.
Just I don't really like the subject. Really!
Tomorrow i'm going to take athletic test in Soemantri Kuningan. Oh my Gosh, i'm so lazy to do it but we have to go there.

See you when i see you <3



Amira said...

rajin bet ke sumantri.........nitip nilai dong haha

Nadya said...

asuuuuuuuu tadi gue lari 3 setengah keliling asu mau mati. gabisa nitip taugaaaaaaaa