Mar 25, 2009

Say All I Need

Back again, Sitting in front of my computer and I just got back from my sleeping time. Yeah, i was taking a nap for 5 hours, cool huh? I'm not feeling well right now or we called it "My Body Isn't Delicious". My mom and dad brought me home in my school at 12 o'clock. Well, what's wrong me dear? I'm having my hard-cough, making me look so pale and weak because the effect from medicine that i've got from doctor. Thanks God, my parents taking care to me so well, duh i love you :')
Well, thinking what I'm going to write but i just kinda confusing right now hehe. Tomorrow, free time! i'm going to have holiday though just for one day. I'll spend myself in home, why? like i told you before, i'm not feeling well right now and the day after tomorrow i'll have english test and mathematics' remedial. So I'll waste my time with studying and studying. What I feel now is boring!
Hey you know what? i'll join Taekwondo!! My mom told me, i'll get IDR 300.000 from her every month beside my pocket money hahaha. Well, my mom wanting it for me for safety.
My brother will go home from Istanbul soon on June, duh i cant wait it any longer :)
I have to go now, bye!


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mir said...

get well soon! btw......taekwondo? HUAHAHAHA gila! dimana?

Nadya said...

thank you :)
iya mir di deket rumah gue. gapapalah dapet duit ini HAHAHA