May 20, 2009

I Love Me, I Really Do

Inspired by Casseybunn
I love her own thoughts <3
O-kay, time to feel positive about myself.
And i was seeing my own face at the mirror

So, i made my own list.

I am an amazing person because............

1. For a pessimist, I'm pretty optimistic <3 I have hopes for better future althought I do my worst, and i always remember "Where There's a Will, There's a Way" i'm not that pessimist because i learned from my past. And I'm not go down easily.

2. I'm not good talkers, but i'm a good listener. It's so interesting to listen to everyone's stories. With that, i could understand what their problem. I always have spare time for them who need to share story with me.

3. I'm funny! I love to act silly things, be spontaneous and i love make jokes, so people laugh around me and i love it :p

4. I'm logical, i use logical than intuitive and well yeah to the point of course. I hate "basa-basi" and act like stupid, i dont like it. really! I like identify the details.

5. I love my family more than anything in this world, and i cant imagine my life without them. They always support and pray for me in everyway. They give me strength, and oh my friends, i really love them too. I'd do anything to make them happy. I'm single, alone! but not lonely because there are my bestfriends beside me <3

6. I'm pretty good in remembering. So, go ask me :p no no just kidding, thats why i choose Social Class! But sometimes kinda forget easily too, but s-o-m-e-times dude! hehehehe

7. I'm dilligent person, i really dont like playing truant. When i'm sick but strong enough, i'm gonna come to school. And oh i'm punctual person. Except saat-saat tak terduga

8. Kind! hahaha, yey i'm kind and also caring. Care about my family and also bestfriend deeply. And i always share my own thought to them what they act

9. I know how to take good picture and how to edit some photos in photoshop but still amateur. I wish i could be professional one, someday. I could easily share my own imagination with that. Oh yes, I know to show whats on my mind.

10. I'm a thankful person. I never forget to say thank you to everyone

Well done,
some of the list, i asked my friends,

and you know what?


yes i do, i really do <3


Amira said...

foto lo yg di kaca coooooool banga'!
(btw banga bahasa padang kan ya?)

Nadya said...

thankyouuuuuuuu dude! gatau gua hahahaha maklumlah