May 20, 2009

This Week


How're you my sweetie-bunny-sugarpie? Me, still caught flu. Oh i hate being sick :'''''(
O-kay, forget about it. So, lets thinking what I'm going to write.

Yap, got it,

It had been plain week i guess, nothing special happen. oh yes, i'll tell you. I was being late again when i want to school on monday. so 3x being late. but it wasnt my fault, my car was. And i always hate being late, it makes my worst day.

Oh yes, My dad has done for test. What kind of the test? Two test actually, first test : to become somethin' position in his office. Whoa, i'm praying for you Dad! I know you can do it, although you must compete with another 20 rivals w-o-w. And second test : my dad gonna move to Sulawesi, oh i dont like this one because It's hard for me, I cant live without my dad. But still, i'm praying for you. Hope the best. Amen, wish my Daddy luck :)

I just cant wait June 23rd, cause my Brother will be home. And I cant wait for vacation with him and dad mom : D

Hey, still remember my previous post?

Thanks Mrs. Paulin to made this one.
Thanks My So(spe)cial to share your own thought. Me love you all, buds! <3

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