May 8, 2009

Neither Here Nor There

Hey dear,
i'm sitting here in front of my computer with pizza and coke beside me. It's not lunch time but i decided to take meals first ;p
and i'm looking out of the windows, the rain is finally back.
Anyway, I've been changing my header made by myself. But hm it's not good quality,
o-kay i'll change it again if i want to.
Hey, catch up on these :)

It consist of a photographs, that I choose. So there's a picture of me, just like blowing my minds and playground with rainbow inside it. and then edited polaroid. There are a picture of Diana F+, runner, love, polaroid, dslr and cupcakes. Those stuffs = what I love. Here's the drill :

I'm in love with the effect of this lomo, and unlucky me i can't using it well. help me for the guide please :D

Still remember, my last header? nah, i'm using it again. Runner, because my blog name = Get Ready, Get Set, Go Away

Beside runner, there's love. No comment, hahaha no no i'm just kidding. Yeah you know love for my family, best friends and uhm............................crush? la-la-la not crush actually. I'm your secret admirer, sir! Wish you were here, wish I was there, wish it was different.

I'm looking for polaroid, please buy it for me hehehe. I just add it to my wishlist, and maybe i'll buy it someday.

Oh yes, i'm looking for Nike Dunk too. Gimme one!

I cant imagine my life without this stuff, dslr! Yeah, i love it forever and ever

You guys are my cupcakes because i love you all. And i love real cupcakes for sure of course, anyone wanna buy me some cupcakes? hehehe

O-kay that's all,
Whoa, feels like I should be getting somewhere, somehow. I'm neither here nor there. Complicated, right?
Hey, holiday is coming. But only 3 dayssssss! different from the other school urgh. But thanks God! At least, i can do anything without homework, test, and teacher. Yes of course!

Speaking of teacher, thursday i went to BK with Ditta, Mitha & Belina. I told to my teacher, i lost my handphone and beside that we did curhat colongan hahaha. We were telling some gossips about my school, bimbel, students, our dream job and..............our crush! haha. He told me that i should find boyfriend uwoooooooooooooo.

Change topic,
It's quite common nowadays to hear about people losing their hand phones, I had the misfortune of losing my hand phone. I'm still looking for it, i hope i'll found it asap!
I was upset, who wouldn't be in such a situation?
I'm so regret, I didn't copy the phone numbers and therefore it became a problem for me later on to try to contact the persons.
Whenever I receive an sms just phone numbers. I'll say "whose number is this?" because ya you know.
However, always think positively. Good thing will happen to good people :)
And you guys, be careful around make sure that your handphone is kept safely wherever you go.

Okay, i should go. Butterflies In My Stomach. See ya!


Amira said...

HAAAA bagus banget...... ajarin coy :(

Nadya said...

bagus dr hongkong, gua ngasal cuy

chi said...

header nya kereeeeen banged nad!!! yampun,kereennya parah! hahahaha

gw juga pengen banged polaroid nad,+ dslr,+ lomo...aaaahh maaauuu ;p

Nadya said...

hehehe engga tau chit itu mah ngasal, btw makasih ya :)
iya gue mau bgt polaroidddddddd :D