Jun 6, 2009

Hello June

Hey bloggers!
I'm sorry for the lack of updates, It's been a while since I wrote in this blog.
Why oh why?
I've been pretty much busy with exams those days. AND NOW IT'S OVER, but..............
Remedial is waiting for me, cool huh?
I still have a lot of remedial that i have to do, It's killing me!

Okay forget about it,
Hows thing going peeps?
Oh i want to tell you my long story, lol. Yap!

We made surprise to Chelpira Famenous on May 26th & made scrapbook for her :

And Happy Birthday to Meli & Gai on May 30th, I made scrapbook for Gai & I gave them a gift :

Happy Birthday My Daddy on June 1st, love you! My mommy made Uduk Rice for him. Yay, it's delicious!

Speaking of Daddy, Finally he passed the test!
Yap, like i told you before. And, yeay Dad. Congratulations! You're so fuckin clever.

Happy Birthday to NADYA,
I dont think good things gonna happen, but wrong! hihi, thanks to my beloved people. You really made my day :3

I'M OLD! I wanna stay forever young, but it's impossible lol.

My friends said :
"Nadya, lo 17 thn? ga percaya gue"
"Nad lo umur lo 17 thn tp masih keliatan kayak anak ingusan"
"Nad, ultah ke 16 ya?"

WTF, i'm 17! lol

Did you know? I felt sad in the night before my birthday. Don't know why, but i called that 'labil'. Yes!
I felt like so lonely. I've been trying to keep myself okay but then it's really hard for me. And you know what? I'm cried! C-R-Y!
Silly huh? Oh Nadya you're so childish dude! It's messed in the night.



Tampang gue minta ditonjok!

Morning surpriseeeeeeee yeay! from My Daddy & Mommy. They gave me delicious cake :3

And Mom made Yellow Rice hehehe :3

Unlucky me, i still had exams. Economy & Deutsch! Argh, make me feel dizzy on my birthday : (

And yesterday, my classmates gave me a cake! yeay, second cake on my birthday :P
Jadi, pas mau klinik lagi cerita-cerita gitu kan. Terus si Voni ngambil sepatu gue dan sama Mody diumpetin, gue kejar-kejar deh itu anak. Terus diluar udah ada emak gue (Wulan) bawain kue dan nyanyi Happy Birthday, terus Bu Pur dateng deh yaudah belajar haha.

Blur, garagara salah settings kamera. lol

Thanks a bunch!

Andddddddddd, finally i've got new cellphone from my dad :3

Jadi beginilah :
Ayah (A) : "dek, hp yang kamu pegang mau dipake nih sm Ayah"
Nadya (N) : "Yah terus pake apaan dong?" (dengan muka memelas mau nangis ;p)
A : "ya gausah pake, lagian salah sendiri hp ilang"
A : "ini pake hp mama yg udah rusak"

terus Ayah ngasih kotaknya & gue liat ternyata hp baru hihi. Thanksssssssss yah :3
Walaupun gue mintanya iPhone hahaha tp ga mungkin karena harganya mendunia, Alhamdulillah : )

Oh ya, click this one : click! and this one click!

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAW, thanks Prilia Herdianty. I'm melting (loh?) hahaha, thanks thanks bunny-ball-head :3
and Lina Maulidina Sabrinaaaaaaaaaa thankyou my old chairmate, xxxxxxxxxxoxo

don't judge a Nadya by it's cover ... the real Nadya is a talk-active-girl. - Prilia Herdianty

a lovely pinky girl who looks so calm and cute but sometimes so spontaneous and a little bit talkactive huahau. - Lina Maulidina Sabrina

Okay, time to go.


chi said...

yampun nay,kok kue yg dkasih temen2 sekelas lo bisa sama persis kayak yg dikasih ipa g ke amira ya???? strawberry cheesecake dr cheesecake factory kan?hahahaa..aneh2.. :P

Nadya said...

wah iya? hahaha kok bisa sama ya

Amira said...

happybirthdaaaaaaaaaay again nadyaaaa! asik tuh kado dari bokap lo.... :)

Kiky said...

ihhhhhh ayah mu to twiit banget hahah

Nadya said...

Amira : Happy Birthday juga mir :) hahaha iya Alhamdulillah mir hikmah dr hp yg ilang ;p

Kak Kiky : hahaha (sok) sweet kali kak :D