Jun 26, 2009


"Saat ini Nilai mengindikasikan memenuhi syarat kenaikan Kelas XII/Ilmu Pengetahuan Sosial"

Uh, finallyyyyyyyy Alhamdulillah I've passed my 11th Grade. Thanks God!
After all that I've done studying studying studying (lebay) dan tauga sih gue mimpi berturut-turut gue naik kelas, and................my dream come true!
So far my report sheet, get higher than before such as Cityzenship, English, History, Economy, Sports (HA?), TIK, and Deutsch.
And the opposite such as Math. The others are still the same.
Um i dont care about my rank. i dont care about people out there who's got rank, the most important thing is..................
More concentrate, more focus in all subjects to get my future university. Amin
I took my bimbel in NF (maybe) and BTA 8. Well, if i choose NF i'll take the day in the saturday and night. what a nice saturday night!
Okay what else being 12th grade? oh ya, gaboleh sering-sering buka internet lagi cuma boleh sabtu apa minggu -.- so maybe i'll gone for a while hem engga juga sih masih ada internet di hp hahahahihihihuhuhu. But i promise! gue bakal ngurangin and KEEP PRAYING ON TIME!

.............................Let me say, The real holiday has begun! Enjoy your holiday

Welcome home Alvin!

He is my brother, i never call "abang" in front of his name hahahahaha jahat banget ya? ya pernah sih cuman jarang.
Here since last wednesday. Did you know? The plane was delayed from Singapore 3hours. So waited patiently with my Dad for Alvin's homecoming.
He'll spend his summer holiday for 3 months, what a holiday!
Okay, thanks for making our home lively


allieallen said...

huakakaka, itu aku kira kmu loh!


nice photo!


Nadya said...

Allie : enak aje hahaha org cowo juga

Xanabioticx : thankyou :D

Amira said...

woohooo! bagus deh rapotnyaaa yakan. btw layout dan blog lo cadaaas banget haha ajarin dong!

Nadya said...

Amira : bagus dr Hongkong, hah? cadas gimane? org biasa ajaaaaaa standart