Aug 20, 2009

Gotta Get That

Days replace days, It's been a while since I wrote in this blog because pretty much busy being 3rd grade these days. Alhamdulliah, i'm feeling well right now. Thanks for your pray, ppl :)

I started to think about future, it seems fun. Thanks for my mom, who always give me some advices about everything. I'm gonna take university, people. Oh time is running so fast, I can't believe it! BTA 8 and Nurul Fikri are the places for me to get extra lesson beside school.
Okay as i wrote in BK paper about university thingy :

1. Fakultas Hukum - Universitas Indonesia
2. Fakultas Ekonomi - Universitas Indonesia
3. Fakultas Psikologi - Universitas Indonesia
4. Fakultas Ilmu Sosial Ilmu Politik (Administrasi Fiskal) - Universitas Indonesia
5. SBM - Institut Teknologi Bandung

God, there's only one thing I need You to do for me, I'm craving for University of Indonesia pleaseeeeeeee.
Wait for me! Please take me take me (not take me out, lol). Bismillahirrohmanirrohim, Ya Allah simak UI 2010 tembus Amin.
Insya Allah, I will get what I've been fighting for Amin. Just about a matter of time, okay. I'll wait and being patient.

BUT I CANT AVOID THIS ONE, TWITTER! Yes that's right! If you're a follower of mine on Twitter, I cant stop tweeting. you can see how many i tweet everyday. That's why i'm so lack of updates in blog hihihi.

Okay, one of my classmate (Luna Puspita) going to Minnesota today because Nacel for 10 months. Take care Luna, we're gonna miss you so much.

A couple of days ago Erwin treated me to celebrate his 1st Anniversary with Meli. Thank you so much, guys :)

And Happy Belated Birthday to my beloved country, Indonesia :D

How about my lovelife? hahahahaha dont ask me about it. No i'm just kidding, lots of weird things happen to me recently. Being single is cool sometimes. No worrying about anyone and the most important is no heartaches! My friends? they're well, i'm having so much fun and enjoying my senior year. Some things may seem to be the same but not at all, I know 'people grow & people change'. It’s very irritating to be surrounded with. I've been trying to keep myself okay. Seriously, I don't hate you. Remember this quote 'Things are beautiful if you love them' :)

Ramadhan is coming! Wishing you a blessed Ramadhan, forgive me for all mistakes I've done in the past. Happy fasting for moslem :)


rintawriteitall said...

Naya mau FH jugaaaaa?? oh God, makin banyak deh saingan ane. hehehe. Tapi bukan saingan kok, Insya Allah kita semua IPS 2010 bisa dapet UI. AMIN!

chi said...

nay nay,anak ips banyak yg mau masuk akun ui ga?? hehe

Nadya said...

Rinta : iya Riiiiin hehehe, maaf ya udah bikin banyak saingan :( Amin semoga IPS 2010 masuk UI Amin

Chita : lo mau msk Akun chit? waaaaaaaaaaah hahaha, lumayan deh hampir setengah mgkn ada

rintawriteitall said...

Nay, gue udah pernah bilang belom kalo editan lo bagus? hehe. lo ngedit pake apa sih?

Nadya said...

Rinta : udah hahaha, gue pake action photoshop gitu rin

chi said...

iya nad...wah seriusan?paraaaah hix hix

Nadya said...

Chita : ga cuman anak ips aja chit, anak ipa yg lain bnyk yg mau akun kan