Jan 4, 2011

Another New Year

So....... 2010 was filled with unforgettable memories, lessons learned and progress made. Nothing is going to be easy. This whole journey is filled with ups and downs. Now just be happy with what I have and battle the times that are tough. You know what? The reason why playground slides were made, is for us to experience the joy of falling even tho there's no one to catch our fall.

What I’ve brought in 2010?

  1. Struggle everyday with stack of books & papers, fighting battle called exam. The moments where I just lived, crossed my fingers and hoped for the best.
  2. National Exam, SIMAK UI, USM ITB 1 and SMUP UNPAD
  3. Waited for some announcements and the first one is..... Err, I didn’t make it for ITB
  4. Thank God! Graduated from high school, 5 mei 2010 accepted in UNPAD & 8 mei 2010 in UI. Decided to become law kid, hell yeah!
  5. 4 Juni 2010, had 18 years old birthday. And it was ah-mazing!
  6. Had 3 months holiday and went to some places and it was fun
  7. Got so many new friends! And Noodweer for PMH FHUI 2010
  8. Idul Fitri 1431 H
  9. Just got two babies, kitty instax and purple aquapix. Let’s shoot ;)
  10. New year and new hair!!!!!!!!
  11. And now? I’m waiting for my first GPA in term one. Yeay one subject left. And of course holiday for almost 2 months, YAYNESS!
So, the conclusion is 2010 was a good year, but 2011 is gonna be a greater year, Amen to that!

PS: taken from me, just got fireworks shoot in place where i spent NYE

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2011, cheers to a new year! Wishing everyone a blissful one and full of love.

So long 2010, God, I thank you, for giving me this life, this experience of joy, sadness, pain, there is nothing I could ask for more :’)

2011, surprise me!!!!!!!!!


Nadya Yunita

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